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Lost Lake Horse Camp

Lost Lake Horse Camp is a nice camp that provides access to the Pacific Crest Trail north of Mt. Hood.  Lost Lake is beautiful, and the nearby trails provide breathtaking views of Mt. Hood.  Give this horse camp a try.  You’ll enjoy the peace and quiet by night and remarkable trails by day.

The Riding

With over 30 miles of amazing trails near Lost Lake, you have plenty of riding to fill a fun weekend. Here are some examples: 

From the horse camp, you can do a short but delightful ride to the summit of Lost Lake Butte, a cinder cone with views of Mt. Hood, Mt. Jefferson, Mt. Adams, Mt. St. Helens, and Mt. Rainier.  Wow!

Lost Lake Horse Camp

You can follow the Huckleberry Trail to the PCT and ride north to Buck Peak or, if you’re up for a longer-distance ride, you can ride on to Indian Springs.

Lost Lake Horse Camp

You can follow the PCT south, past Sentinel Peak and Hiyu Mountain, to Lolo Pass.  This trail traverses several steep side slopes, but it offers great views of Mt. Hood and Mt. Adams.

Lost Lake Horse Camp

The Camping

Lost Lake Horse Camp has five sites with two-, three-, or four-horse corrals.  All sites have room for one vehicle.  The camp has a toilet, garbage cans, a manure bin, and drinking water from spigots next to each campsite.  

Lost Lake Horse Camp

More Information

You'll find more information about Lost Lake Horse Camp in Riding Northwest Oregon Horse Trails, by Kim McCarrel, available at

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