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Huckleberry Trail, Molalla River Corridor

If you live in the Portland/Salem area and you’re looking for a great place to ride in winter, look no farther than the Huckleberry Trail in the Molalla River Corridor.  This trail is actually an old logging road that explores a beautiful hillside above the Molalla River.  Its gravel tread provides excellent all-weather footing as it runs through a dense forest of Douglas-fir, western red cedar, big-leaf maple, alder, vine maple, dogwood, and ferns.

Huckleberry Trail, Molalla River Corridor

The Molalla River Corridor has other trails in addition to the Huckleberry Trail, of course, but only the Huckleberry Trail is open year-round. The other trails, all very nice single-track with many loop possibilities, are closed from October to May to prevent damage to the trails in wet weather. All of the trails allow horses, hikers, and mountain bikes.

Huckleberry Trail, Molalla River Corridor

The Ride

The Huckleberry Trail begins at the Hardy Creek Trailhead, located about 11 miles southeast of Molalla.  From the west side of the trailhead parking lot, pick up the gravel road that runs up the hill.  Follow it 0.3 mile to a junction where Looney’s Trail goes to the right and the Huckleberry Trail goes to the left.  Turn left on the Huckleberry Trail.  The trail gently gains elevation for the first 1.5 miles, then levels out for the next several miles.

Huckleberry Trail

Annie’s Cabin is a local landmark on the Huckleberry Trail about 2.3 miles from the trailhead.  This one-room shelter was used by Annie Miller, Jim Williams, and Annie’s daughter Squirrel in the early 1990s while they worked as volunteers on the trails nearby.  The family lived in a trailer parked next to the cabin, which functioned as their living room.  You’ll find a picnic table outside the cabin, and good views out over the surrounding hills and down to the river from nearby vantage points.  The cabin is a nice spot for a lunch break.

Huckleberry Trail, Molalla River Corridor

Beyond Annie’s Cabin, the trail continues along the ridge above the river, slowly gaining another couple of hundred feet of elevation before gradually descending toward the river about 10 miles from the trailhead.

Huckleberry Trail, Molalla River Corridor

Trailhead Facilities  

The Hardy Creek Trailhead has a toilet and room for 6-10 trailers.  Parking is free.

More Information

Learn more about the wonderful riding on the Molalla River Trails in Riding Northwest Oregon Horse Trails, by Kim McCarrel, available at  

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