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Trailer Trekking on the Metolius-Windigo Trail

If you’re like many other equestrians, you’re intrigued by the idea of a long-distance ride.  But the thought of carrying all your gear with you and sleeping on the ground is a real turn-off. Never fear!  On the Metolius-Windigo Trail, you can travel from horse camp to horse camp, moving your trailer each day and then riding to meet it.  What a cushy way to do a long-distance ride!

 Metolius-Windigo Trail

The Metolius-Windigo Trail

The Met-Win, as the locals call it, runs for 150 miles along the east slope of the Cascades. It was developed to give equestrians a lower-elevation alternative to the PCT.  The trail has horse camps dotted along it about every 15 miles, so with the exception of one section near the trail’s southern end, you can spend each night of your journey at a horse camp.  The horse camps offer corrals and toilets, most have stock water, and every night you can sleep in your own cozy trailer or camper.

Metolius-Windigo Trail

The Riding 

The Met-Win Trail runs through horse-friendly terrain with scenic views and lots of variety.  It offers open Ponderosa pine forests,

Metolius-Windigo Trail

shady forests of firs and hemlocks,

Metolius-Windigo Trail

alpine lakes, and

Metolius-Windigo Trail

close-up mountain views.

Metolius-Windigo Trail

The Camping

Along the way, the camping facilities are very nice.

Metolius-Windigo Trail

Trailer trekking has some logistical challenges, of course.  You have to identify where to camp along the way.  You need to find a way to move your trailers and then rejoin your horses for the day’s ride.  On the positive side, however, you can carry stock water and hay in your trailer, which gives you the flexibility to camp at places that don’t offer water and grazing for your horse.

Metolius-Windigo Trail

Riding the Metolius-Windigo Trail is a comprehensive guide to trailer-trekking the Met-Win, including where to camp, what to carry, and what to expect.  This guidebook makes long-distance riding easy, so start your planning to make this the summer for a long-distance trek.  Happy Trails!

More Information

To learn more about trailer trekking, see Riding the Metolius-Windigo Trail, by Kim McCarrel, available at


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