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Millican Crater/Matthieu Lakes Loop

This spectacular Three Sisters Wilderness ride has it all:  dense forest, lava flows, a burn scar, picturesque lakes, and expansive views.  You’ll need a Limited-Entry Permit to do this ride, but it’s SOOOO worth the extra hassle!

  • Moderate difficulty
  • 10.5 miles round trip
  • Elevation 5,200-6,100 feet

 Millican Crater/Matthieu Lakes Loop

The Ride

The ride starts at Lava Camp Lake Trailhead, off Hwy. 242 (the McKenzie Highway) about 14 miles west of Sisters.  You’ll follow the Millican Crater Trail past its namesake cinder cone, traveling for a time through the area burned by the 2017 Milli Fire. 

Millican Crater/Matthieu Lakes Loop

Then you’ll turn onto the Trout Creek Tie Trail, which will take you to the Scott Pass Trail.  

Millican Crater/Matthieu Lakes Loop

The Scott Pass Trail will take you over Scott Pass, with its panoramic views of lava flows and cinder cones.

Millican Crater/Matthieu Lakes Loop

Then you’ll reach a junction with the Pacific Crest Trail.  Turn right on it, and in a short distance, you’ll come to South Matthieu Lake, which offers a good view of North Sister over the lake.  At this point, you can choose to stay on the PCT or detour on the North Matthieu Lake Trail.  

Millican Crater/Matthieu Lakes Loop

The North Matthieu Lake Trail is more scenic, so take it.  You’ll travel past North Matthieu Lake and an impressive lava flow, then rejoin the PCT.  Then you’ll turn off on the Lava Camp Lake Trail to return to the trailhead.  

Millican Crater/Matthieu Lakes Loop

Wilderness Permits

You'll need a Wilderness Permit to ride the Millican/Matthieu Lakes Loop, available on a rolling basis ten or two days before your ride.  Permits are available at Central Cascades Wilderness Permits.

More Information

Learn more about the Millican Crater/Matthieu Lakes Loop in Riding Central Oregon Horse Trails, by Kim McCarrel, available at


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