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Grayback Mountain

If you like fabulous mountain views, sunny weather, and the opportunity to ride cross-country and/or explore a nice network of forest roads, you’ll want to give Grayback Mountain and the Klickitat Wildlife Area a try.

Grayback Mountain

Located about 27 miles west of Goldendale, Grayback Mountain and the Klickitat Wildlife Area feature open forest and grasslands strewn with seasonal wildflowers.  There are no single-track trails here, but cross-country travel is easy and you’ll find plenty of good riding on the area’s gravel and dirt roads.  Here are some examples of fun rides in the area:

Klickitat Wildlife Area

Grayback Mountain

You can explore the portion of the wildlife area that lies above Klickitat Canyon by following cow trails and a few access roads.  It’s impossible to get lost here, and you’ll have several nice views of Mt. Adams.

Sheep Canyon Loop

Grayback Mountain

The spectacular 10-mile Sheep Canyon Loop explores the south and west flanks of Grayback Mountain.  You’ll parallel the rim of Klickitat Canyon across open grasslands, ride through pretty forest of ponderosa pines, oaks, and Douglas-firs, and enjoy stunning views of Mt. Adams and Mt. Hood from multiple vantage points.

Grayback Mountain Loop

Grayback Mountain

This 15-mile round trip climbs Grayback Mountain, a 3,750-foot butte with a treeless summit that offers a breathtaking view of Klickitat Canyon, Mt. Adams, Mt. Hood, and Mt. Rainier.  It’s truly impressive.  

The Camping  

Grayback Mountain

The Klickitat Wildlife Area allows dispersed camping with horses.  The campground has outhouses, stock water from a stock tank (or a pond, if the stock tank isn’t running), and trees for highlining.

More Information

The Grayback Mountain trails are covered in more detail in Riding Southwest Washington Horse Trails, by Kim McCarrel, available at


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