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Upper Nestucca Trails

Attention, Willamette Valley riders!  Here's a place to ride that you probably haven't been to:  the Upper Nestucca Trails near Carlton, Oregon.

Upper Nestucca Trails

The Riding

The West Valley chapter of Oregon Equestrian Trails has a trailhead and developed single-track trails that explore the nearby hills and connect with a huge network of forest roads and OHV trails on adjacent BLM land.

Upper Nestucca Trails

The terrain is hilly and the single-track is steep in a few short sections, but there are no steep side hills to worry about. The trails can be slick after a rain, so it’s best to ride here in summer and fall.

Upper Nestucca Trails

The trailhead parking area has a very detailed map, so take a photo of it with your phone for reference during your ride.

Upper Nestucca Trails

The equestrian trails are all color-coded and the roads and OHV trails are numbered, so if you have the map you’ll have no trouble finding your way around. Some of the OHV trails are not suitable for horses because there’s nowhere to get off the trail if you should meet an OHV, but these trails are clearly marked on the map.

Upper Nestucca Trails

If you’re tired of riding the same old places, give the Upper Nestucca Trails a try. You’ll be glad you did!

Trailhead Facilities

The Upper Nestucca Trailhead has parking for 4-6 trailers and a large map on a kiosk.  It has no other facilities.

Upper Nestucca Trails

More Information

You can learn more about the Upper Nestucca Trails in Riding Northwest Oregon Horse Trails, by Kim McCarrel, available at

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