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Coggins Test Now Required for Travel Between OR and WA

Pacific Northwest riders who transport their horses across state lines have historically needed to get a Certificate of Veterinary Inspection, or CVI, for their horse before traveling.  A Coggins test was not required if you were transporting your horse between Oregon, Washington, and Idaho because these states had reciprocal agreements that exempted horses from the Coggins test requirement.

However, the States revoked the reciprocal agreements after several cases of equine infectious anemia were reported in these states in 2016.

Effective February 13, 2017, your horse must now have the following paperwork to travel between Oregon, Washington, and Idaho:

— A current Certificate of Veterinary Inspection

— A negative Coggins test within the prior six months

— An entry permit

If you’re planning to take your horse over state lines this summer, consult your veterinarian to make sure you have the required paperwork to not only get your horse to your destination but also to bring him home.

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