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Quinn Meadow Sites All Have New Steel Corrals!

It took four years for Oregon Equestrian Trails to raise the money to buy sturdy steel corral panels to replace the old log corrals in all 26 sites at Quinn Meadow. 

Quinn Meadow Horse Camp

And it took hundreds of hours of volunteer time to install the panels.  But the project is now complete!

In the fall of 2019, Oregon Equestrian Trails volunteers tore down the last of the old log corrals, which often broke under the weight of heavy winter snows.

Quinn Meadow Horse Camp

They dug holes for the corral footings.

Quinn Meadow Horse Camp

They put the corral panels in place and made sure they were level and square...

Quinn Meadow Horse Camp

then they bolted them together.

Quinn Meadow Horse Camp

Finally, they poured concrete into the holes to cement the corral panels in place.

Quinn Meadow Horse Camp

Now every horse that comes to Quinn Meadow can enjoy a sturdy steel corral.  Cowabunga!

Quinn Meadow Horse Camp

Thank you, Oregon Equestrian Trail volunteers!

To learn more about Quinn Meadow Horse Camp and its nearby trails, see Riding Central Oregon Horse Trails by Kim McCarrel, available at  

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