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Patjens Lake Loop

This delightful loop near Santiam Pass provides good views of Big Lake, the tiny Patjens Lakes, and nearby mountains.  In late June and early July, the loop features more blooming bear grass than any other trail in Central Oregon.

Patjens Lake Loop

The Riding

Patjens Lake Loop

The Patjens Lake Loop travels along the shore of Big Lake.

Patjens Lake Loop

The tiny Patjens Lakes were named for Henry Patjens, a Sherman County sheep rancher who grazed his animals here in the late 1800’s.

Patjens Lake Loop

The seasonal wildflowers on this trail (like this scarlet gilia) are impressive.  The best displays usually occur in late June and early July (depending on when the snow melts).  Unfortunately, that’s also when the mosquitoes are the worst, so be sure to bring bug spray for you and your horse.

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You'll find more information about the Patjens Lake Loop in Riding Central Oregon Horse Trails by Kim McCarrel, available at

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