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New Trail at Cascade View Trailhead at Cline Buttes

Wahoo!!  We have a brand new horse trail out of the Cascade View Trailhead at Cline Buttes in Central Oregon! 

Last week, a hard-working youth crew from Northwest Youth Corp completed the new horse trail.  It’s a delight!  Thank you, Northwest Youth Corp, for all your effort on our behalf.  And thank you, BLM, for hiring them.

Cline Buttes Cascade View Trails


Previously, the only official trail at Cascade View was a 2.5-mile loop out through the junipers.  Nice, but short.  (You can also follow the numerous forest roads in the area or ride cross country.)  However, now you can enjoy a fun 6.5-mile route, mostly single-track, that features loops on either end. 

Cline Buttes Cascade View Trails

These trails are not yet signed, but if you follow the directions below you'll find your way easily.  Along the way you'll see juniper forest, including many old-growth junipers (the old ones have rounded tops), and go up on a butte that offers views of the snow-capped Cascades through the trees.


Head west from the parking area, picking up the trail between the two rock cairns.  Almost immediately, turn left.  (If you go to the right, you'll run into the fence.)  In a short distance, veer right and in 0.2 mile you'll reach the 2.5-mile loop.  Veer right again, and keep veering right, ignoring any trails that go to the left. In another mile, a trail goes off to the right.  Turn right and follow it.  You're now on the new trail.  Follow the orange flags.  About 1.5 miles after turning onto the new trail, you'll arrive at the base of a butte.  

Cline Buttes Cascade View Trails

In the photo, Suzanne and Miss Kitty are on this part of the trail, after the route was flagged but before it was built.  The trail circles the butte, comes back down, and turns right on a dirt road.  If you follow the dirt road to the right it will take you to Barr Road.  Today the trail ends here, but it will eventually cross Barr Road and connect to the trails out of the Tumalo Canals Trailhead. 

Cline Buttes Cascade View Trails

For now, we suggest you turn left on the dirt road at the base of the butte, and follow it back to reconnect with the trail you rode in on.  A short segment of this road is on private land, so please be extra respectful and stay on the road.  The dirt road will reconnect you with the trail you rode in on.  Follow it back to the 2.5-mile loop and turn right to return to the trailhead, for a very pleasant 6.5-mile route. 

The horse trails and bike trails out of the Cascade View Trailhead are entirely separate.  The horse trails are marked with orange pin flags in the ground.  If you see pink flags, they are marking a bike trail.  

Cline Buttes Cascade View Trails

For more information about the trails out of Cascade View Trailhead, see the guidebook, Riding Central Oregon Horse Trails, available at  Happy Trails!

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